Ohana Cannabis Co was the first dispensary in California to utilize Paloma Pay. With delivery and retail locations across the state, Ohana serves a broad range of customers. They wanted to accept cryptocurrency to offer cashless payments to a broader range of customers.

During the covid-19 pandemic the need for contactless payments became even more pressing, and Ohana piloted using cryptocurrency for delivery orders to reduce contact between customers and drivers. In addition to offering a safer way to pay, cryptocurrency allowed Ohana to accept prepayment of orders. This reduced the amount of time that delivery drivers had to spend with each customer and made operations more efficient. 

According to COO Mariam Monroe

“We did a crypto payment pilot at Ohana Cannabis Co. using Paloma Pay, and the process was exceptionally efficient and simple! Within a few minutes, everything was processed, prepaid, and the customer received the products not only in half of the time, but also in a contactless manner. The best part of it however, is that Ohana Cannabis Co. transferred the crypto payment into US Dollars within minutes of the customer's payment, which is faster than debit and credit card payment systems!

The Paloma Pay team hosted both in person and remote trainings for Ohana staff to ensure they were comfortable using the platform. Want your team to use Paloma Pay? Contact us here.

*Ohana orders processed through Canntinas LICENSE: C10-0000762-LIC

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